Week 3: Architecture, Performance, and Games

Software Architecture is giving thought to how you've organized your code, and in Unity, it can be seen through how you've set up your scripts. If you use something like a character controller and then split up the scripts into their own specific function, then you've given thought to which script is being used.  The primary goal when prototyping is to make something that works enough to show off a rough idea of the game. Because all you want is the bare minimum of what works, you often don't optimize the code or you end up writing it in a sloppy way, which directly contrasts with best practices in software architecture. Decoupling is essential to software architecture because it makes it so that if only one thing breaks, it won't affect anything else and will let you quickly pin point the problematic code. An example of my own code that could be decoupled is my enemy script for a 2d platformer I made, which  controls how they move toward the player, how they take damage, and their animations. If I decoupled those things, I would have 3 smaller scripts that wouldn't accidentally interfere with one another.

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