Week 4: Midterm Idea

My midterm idea is based off the time I helped steer a small sailboat in order to catch up with another sailboat so that one person could forcibly board and hijack them. The object of the game is to control your boat as you attempt to catch up with the other boat. Bad control will make it impossible to catch up.  Wind will constantly be blowing and affect your speed, and will also potentially push your boat off balance, making you have to steer in the opposite direction to balance and avoid capsizing.


  • A randomly changing wind system that determines your speed
  • Having to duck every time you turn (to avoid being hit by the sail),
  • Boarding the boat
  • Managing the balance of your boat so it doesn't capsize

I plan to implement wind by putting in a script on an empty object where the wind value constantly randomly changes, based on a timer. Whenever the boat position goes from negative to positive, or positive to negative, which means it's turning, I'll give the player a prompt and some time to press space to duck. If they fail then it's game over.  Boarding the boat will occur when your boat has touched the other boat. It will then change a scene where you are in control of the person on the boat. You can then use WASD to jump onto their boat and win. Managing the balance will be determined by a determined maximum rotation coordinate. If you go over it you will get a game over.

3D Models:

  • The player boat
  • The enemy boat
  • Kelp
  • Rocks
  • Fishes

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