Week 1: The Door Problem

The Creative Director is my favorite job, because I want to make my ideas and stories real, and have as much control over it as possible. I also like the idea of working on it with other people, and seeing how the ideas of others ends up influencing the final product. Making the final decision on things like mechanics, story,  and music is what really appeals to me.  Project Manager sounds the worst to me because the amount of micromanaging that they would need to do, especially on large teams, is absolutely ridiculous. There will always be setbacks and delays in this industry, which makes their scheduling an even bigger nightmare. You have to be the one to demand crunches from your team, something they definitely won't like you for. The weirdest position to me is Community Manager because sometimes, directors, producers, and even just anyone working on the project can end up doing PR work, whether it be posting on reddit or twitter about the game. There have been some good examples of great community managers, like whoever did the Wendy's twitter account, and really bad ones, like the Mighty No 9 community manager that got in through connections, banned several people from the official forums for no reason, and had all kinds of abuses of power.  I think the difference between development and design is that development requires a much more technical skillset. Developers must either have coding, art, or sound expertise, and be familiar with the tools to make that. They are also involved in game design, due to the decisions they make  on how to code, draw, or place sounds having a real impact on the finished game. A designer doesn't have to have those technical skills, but they can't make a game without someone who can.  If you really wanted to simplify it, a designer is like a desk job, whereas developers get out and do things, while also having a desk. A developer is also a designer, but a designer isn't always a developer.

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